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Garmin GNS 530 Garmin GNS530 pilot training. Garmin GNS530 flight training


While they have recently been superseded as Garmin's flagships by the new GTN-750/GTN-650, the GNS-530 is still one of the most common primary IFR GPS in well equipped piston aircraft, and will probably remain so for many years to come. I also decided to model the older device, since the newer GTN-750/GTN-650 series features touch-screen operation which I personally strongly dislike​ Simply put, the GNS 530 incorporates advanced procedure types usually found only in high-end FMS systems. At that time pilots were having as much trouble learning to use "omni" as some say they are having with GPS today.

Fifty years ago, my father, Leighton Collins, wrote in his Air Facts magazine about the Omnigator. His piece started: "It is easy to imagine some fellow getting a new Narco omni set installed in his airplane, getting out and getting hopelessly confused, and coming back and saying it is no good." Then, in 16,800 words he explained it. Master your aircraft now with Garmin GNS530 flight lessons pilot school learn to fly by Sanchez Aviation Training Services.

GARMIN GNS530 flight lessons pilot school learn to fly

Sanchez Aviation Training Services specializes Garmin GNS530 flight lessons pilot school learn to fly

Master your aircraft now with Garmin GNS530 flight training Pilot training by Sanchez Aviation Training Services.

Master your aircraft now with Garmin GNS530 flight training Pilot training by Sanchez Aviation Training Services. There is no question that avionics systems like the Garmin GNS 530 have captured the fancy of many pilots.

I have flown some of the other systems and found them quite capable, but the 530 is what resides in my avionics stack, so it is the most familiar. Other systems can be used in the same ways and for the same things as a 530-the difference is mainly in presentation and organization.

You enjoy enhanced situational awareness by seeing your position relative to cities, highways, railroads, rivers, lakes and coastlines.

But even more important, the appropriate use of color separates land data, terminal areas, route, and approach information for easy pilot scanning and reduced pilot workload. Garmin GNS530 flight lessons pilot school learn to fly

The GNS-530 and its slightly smaller sibling, the GNS-430 were among the most popular panel mount GPS from their introduction in 1998 throughout the first decade of the millenium.

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flight lessons pilot school learn to fly