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flight lessons pilot school learn to fly


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Trained Pilots have written about their great experience with Sanchez Aviation training  services. In fact, over the years pilots have written hundreds of letters and emails about their great experiences with Sanchez Aviation training services. Pilots are consistently impressed with the knowledge, dedication and professionalism of Paul Sanchez flight instructor, and the quality of our aircraft. 

​Find out how others have felt about flying with us.​

flight lessons pilot school learn to fly

Mike Delcamp
​Training Flight on TBM850. MAY 10TH 2016. From IWS to IWS

Mr. Sanchez, it was a pleasure working with you on my initial TBM 850 training the week of May 23, 2016. The convenience of having you come to our location was the number one reason that I selected your company. Another huge advantage is actually working through the numbers and flying my actual aircraft. Your knowledge and skill level on the Garmin 1000 was a huge benefit for me on our ground and flight training, along with your extensive picture library of that avionic's equipment setup and depiction during your previous trainings.

The IFR refresher ground course was well over due and I really enjoyed "knocking all of the cobwebs out". It seems like past initial training by other companies focus strictly on getting you out the door towards the check ride,or in the air on your own based on your FAA license ratings (without forcing the issue that some of the basic VFR/IFR requirements need refreshing). This is called CEU's (continuing education units or credits) and it is definitely required in our line of work. The materials that you provided for the ground training were excellent plus the knowledge on all the different TBM app's was a huge benefit.

Thank you for everything! Mike Delcamp

flight lessons pilot school learn to fly


Lorne Brett and Paul Sanchez
​Training Flight on TBM700. MAY 10TH 2016. From KFXE to KFXE.

​Thanks Paul for a great day. You continue to be the most knowledgeable person I know, for all things avionics!!
I really value and enjoy the details and examples of how to use all panel items in my TBM. This year's test material led us into many discussions that were very valuable for me, so that after the day with you, I feel that I am at the top of my game, when it comes to knowledge of the airplane and my ability to operate it successfully and safely. Please have anyone who needs a referral call me; I will continue to share my thoughts of your skills with my connection in the flying world.
All the best Lorne

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