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Piper Jetprop flight lessons pilot school learn to fly

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Piper Jetprop flight lessons pilot school learn to fly Model JetPROP DLX
Power Plant P&W PT6A-35
Horsepower (flat rated) 560
Wingspan 43'
Length 30' 1"
Height 11' 3"
Cabin Length 12' 3"
Empty Weight 2,950 lbs.
Ramp Weight 4,318 lbs.
Takeoff Gross Weight 4,300 lbs.
Useful Load 1,358 lbs.
Payload 356 lbs.
Max. Landing Weight 4,100 lbs.
Baggage Capacity 30/100 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 151.1 gallons
Noise Level (dB) 69
Operating Costs $280/hr
Fuel Cost (nm @ $5.20/gallon) $0.68
Fuel Burn (Idle) 14 GPH
Climb Rate (Initial) 3,000 FPM
Takeoff - Over 50' 1,200'
Landing - Over 50' 1,000'
Service Ceiling 27,000'
Max. Speed 265+ knots
Normal Speed 260 knots
Normal Range 1,000 NM
Long Range Speed 235 knots
Long Range 1,100+ NM
Normal Fuel Burn 34 GPH
Stall Speed (Flaps Down) 61 knots

Sanchez Aviation Training Services is authorized Piper Jetprop flight lessons pilot school learn to fly

The idea to develop Piper jetprop, a turbine version of the Piper Malibu/Mirage, was begun in 1994.

This idea continued to reality through the establishment, in 1996, of JetPROP LLC, formed to carry this project through the certification and marketing process.

The Piper jetprop is a Malibu/Mirage with a Pratt & Whitney PT6A turbine engine and a Hartzell 4-blade reversible propeller. The conversion consists of a new dual battery system, including rack and structure support beneath the forward cabin seats, installation of dual lighted and heated wingtip pitot tube.

In addition, installation of new engine instruments and the controls necessary for the conversion, the installation of a new header tank sealed in the right 1/3 forward baggage area (while still leaving room for Golf clubs!)

Finally, complete pump and support system, and the replacement of everything forward of the firewall with new or reinstall equipment for the installation of the new turbine engine and reversing 4-blade propeller.

Piper Jetprop flight lessons pilot school learn to fly program mentions that the conversion can be made to either the Malibu or the Mirage, and upon completion, the planes are virtually identical, except for the interior fittings.

​I should have identified the accident aircraft as a Malibu JetPROP DLX (Malibu PA-46-310P) a recip-to-turboprop conversion made by JetPROP LLC of Spokane, Washington. The accident aircraft engine was a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34 turboprop. Investigators said neither the engine nor the airplane’s systems were causal factors in this loss-of-control accident. 

Source: http://www.planeandpilotmag.com/article/the-authors-jetprop/#.V-M7XfkrK9I


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